10+1 FREE

Buy 10 pairs of Bugarri Shoes and get one free! This is a permanent promotion so sit back and relax and buy your future shoes whenever you want.

Our server will save all your ordered shoes and send you a 100% discount code by email after 30 days upon your purchase of a 10th pair of shoes. The discount code is valid for any pair of shoe you like of maximum 150 EURO.

Some restrictions apply:

  • The 10+1 promotion started January 15th 2010. Purchases prior to this date are not included in the above calculated number.
  • Email requests to adjust the above number will not be considered.
  • In order to be considered for a free pair, you are required to write one general testimonial and one specific review on each pair purchased.
  • If you purchased 10 pairs, our system will email you a discount code after 30 days followed by your last purchase on the condition that the previous restriction is fulfilled.
  • The discount code allows you to buy a free pair at 100% discount up to a maximum of 150 EURO.