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How to return shoes to Bugarri Shoes? It's fast and simple... just follow 5 easy and quick steps.

This is what we ask you to do:

Step 1: Select the shoes you want to return.

  1. Log-on to your account (click MY ACCOUNT and fill out your user name and password).
  2. Click the link RETURN SHOES. Here you will see all the shoes that you bought over the last 30 days.
  3. Select the shoes you want to return.

Step 2: Make sure your return fulfills all return conditions.

  1. Your return shipment must be sent within 30 days of receipt of your order.
  2. Returned shoes must be unused and unworn and in resalable condition.
  3. You must return the shoes the way you received them. Place the shoelaces in their original position (if applicable), include the supporting paper (if applicable), put the shoes back in the protective bags/paper (if applicable) and include all items in the original shoe box.
  4. A separate carton must be used for your return shipment. You may not use the shoe box as shipping box. We recommend to use our original carton for returning your order.
  5. If your return shipment originates from outside the United States, you are required to write "returned goods" and "no commercial value" on the package. We don't accept return shipments in case we are subject to payment of import duties.

Step 3: Get a credit (automatic) or refund.

  1. The return will be automatically processed as a credit. Upon receipt of the return shipment, a credit equal to the value of the returned shoes will be added to your personal account. The credit is to be used for exchanging shoes. It allows you to re-order another model and/or size.
  2. You can apply for a money refund in your personal account after the return has been processed and a credit has been granted. Note that an administration cost of $20 applies.

Step 4: Get your free prepaid UPS return label.

  1. Provide address details where UPS needs to pick-up the return package.

Step 5: Print your return form and include in your return shipment.

  1. Print the return form that shows in this step.
  2. The last page contains the free return label that you need to put on the package. Read all instructions carefully.
  3. The remaining pages include the return form that you need to sign and date and put in the shoe box.
  4. The return form is an obligatory document! If the return form is missing, your return might be refused.
  5. Call UPS (via www.ups.com) to arrange a pick-up date & time or go to a UPS store to drop off your return package.
  6. Make sure someone is present to hand over the return package to UPS at the arranged date & time.
  7. Trace your return shipment (via www.ups.com) by means of the tracking number that is mentioned on the return label.

This is how returns are processed:

  1. Upon receipt of your return shipment, 24 business hours need to be considered for warehouse people to process your return.
  2. During processing, a warehouse representative checks if all return conditions are fulfilled.
  3. If successful, the warehouse representative adds a credit equal to the value of the returned shoes to your personal account.
  4. An email is sent to you to confirm that your return was processed and that a credit was added to your personal account.
  5. If you want to exchange your returned shoes with another model and/or size, simply re-order and the credit will process automatically while checking out.
  6. If you want a money refund, please go to MY ACCOUNT > CREDIT & DISCOUNT and apply for a refund after the credit has been granted. Note that an administration cost of $20 applies.
  7. The credit has no expiry date, it is valid lifetime. So, if you don’t want to use your credit right away, you can leave it on your personal account for any future purchase.

Some important things to remember:

  • You need to call UPS to arrange a pick-up date & time for your return shipment or go to a UPS store to drop off your return package
  • You can track your return shipment under MY ACCOUNT > RETURN SHOES.
  • You can view our email confirming that your return was processed under MY ACCOUNT > MAIL.
  • You can view your credit received under MY ACCOUNT > CREDIT & DISCOUNT.
  • Credits refund the value of the shoes ordered only, they don’t refund shipping costs.
  • If the credit is larger than the value of exchanged shoes ordered, the remaining credit is kept on your personal account.
  • The credit does not have an expiry date, it is valid lifetime.


Customers frequently ask these questions:

Do I need to use your return service in case I just want to exchange with another size/model?

Yes, please return your order using our 5-steps return procedure, go for a full credit under step 3, and order again on our website using your credit.

Can I return shoes without using your 5-steps return procedure?

No, you are required to use our 5-steps return procedure. If the return form, generated during the last step, is not present, your return most probably will be refused.

When can I expect the credit?

First of all, please check if your return arrived at our warehouse using the tracking number of your return shipment. You can find the tracking number in your personal account (see tab RETURN SHOES). If your return arrived at our warehouse facility, please allow 24 business hours for warehouse people to process your return. Once your return is approved by a warehouse representative, a credit is added to your account and a confirmation is emailed to your given email address. The confirmation email can also be found in your personal account (see tab MAIL) along with the credit amount (see tab CREDIT & DISCOUNT). When you place a new order, the credit processes automatically while checking out.

Does the credit apply to shipping costs?

Please note that the credit only applies to the value of the shoes. Shipping costs always come as an additional charge even if the credit is larger than the value of the shoes ordered. In other words, you always need to pay shipping costs on every order you place irrespective of the credit amount. If the credit is larger than the value of the shoes ordered, the remaining amount stays on your personal account and will be used for the successive order.

Why has UPS not picked up my return package yet?

You are required to call UPS to arrange a pick-up date and time or to go to a UPS store to drop off your return package. This instruction is mentioned on the return form, which is a compulsory document for your return. UPS contact details vary from country to country. Please visit www.ups.com to find the customer service number that applies to your country.

What happens if a return is refused?

Refused returns are stored in our warehouse and remain unprocessed until a solution with the owner of the shoes is agreed on.

How do I apply for a money refund?

Return your ordered shoes using our 5-steps returns service (see MY ACCOUNT > RETURN SHOES). Upon receipt of your return shipment in our warehouse, a credit is put on your personal account provided all return conditions are fulfilled. The credit reflects the value of the returned shoes and can be used to exchange the shoes with another model and/or size. It processes automatically when placing a new order. It does not have an expiry date, so it is valid lifetime. Once the credit shows in your personal account you can apply for a refund. Go to MY ACCOUNT > CREDIT & DISCOUNT and follow all instructions provided. Note that an administration cost of $20 applies.

Can I return my shoes after 30 days upon receipt of my order?

No, you are required to return your shoes within 30 days upon receipt of your order, unless your shoes show signs of premature deterioration (see next question).

My shoes show signs of premature deterioration. Can I return them?

First of all we apologize in case your shoes show signs of premature deterioration or damage. We guarantee a high quality of our shoes which doesn't exclude the possibility that something goes wrong when wearing them. Kindly follow the below procedure to return shoes showing signs of premature deterioration.

As a start we require you to consult a local shoemaker. Many signs of premature deterioration and/or damage can easily and cheaply be fixed by a local shoemaker avoiding unnecessary return and shipping costs. We will be happy to refund your shoemaker costs. Simply forward the store ticket to us and we will proceed with refunding.

If your shoemaker is unable to repair the shoes you are free to return them to us. You are responsible for the return, so you can choose any courier service you like to return your shoes. Your shipping costs will not be refunded. You are required to include a note explaining the nature of the problem. Upon receipt of your return we will try to repair the shoes ourselves. Repaired shoes will be shipped back to you free of any charge.

If we are unable to repair the shoes, you will be granted a refund according to the following schedule: 100% refund after one month of order placement, 90% refund after two months of order placement, 80% refund after three months of order placement, 70% refund after three months of order placement, etc. Refunds are converted into a credit. The credit will show in your personal account and can be used for any future order you place on our website. Upon granting a credit, we obtain ownership of your shoes.

A return form is not required for this type of return.