The Concept

Elevate yourself!

If you want to be taller without anyone noticing, then this is the right place to be. Bugarri Shoes invisibly increase your height. The secret lies in the built-in heel that is invisible to the outer world. Buy today and be taller tomorrow!

Richer, more attractive and healthier…

Bugarri Shoes have the answer! Not only will you grow taller, Bugarri Shoes increase your chances of being richer, more attractive, and healthier. That is because taller people earn remarkably more than shorter people and are considered significantly more attractive. Bugarri Shoes also force you to walk straighter improving your body stature.

How does it work?

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious. Bugarri Shoes have a hidden raise in the rear of the shoe, while the front looks exactly the same like any other traditional shoe. The hidden raise (inner sole) and the outer sole together result in a significant height increase. From 5cm to as much as 14cm! The secret is not noticeable because the inner sole is completely integrated inside the shoes. The top end part of the shoes lifts up compared to traditional shoes, but the effect is invisible because trousers cover that part.


Why taller?

The advantages of being tall are multiple. It suffices to illustrate a couple of scientifically proven benefits in different domains to show the positive impact of wearing Bugarri shoes:

  • Financial & career benefits:

    • People in high-ranking jobs are on average 5 cm taller than those in junior positions.
    • Men who are 1m82 or taller receive starting salaries 12% higher than men under that height.
    • When it comes to job recruitment, 72% of the time the taller person is hired.
  • Physical benefits:
    • On average women prefer to date men who are at least 5 cm taller.
    • The ideal picture in western culture requires a height of 1m85 while the average height of the white man equals 1m78 only.
    • On 100 women that are asked to evaluate photographs of men whom they believe to be either tall, average or short, all of them found the tall and medium men to be significantly more attractive than the short men.
  • Health benefits:
    • Bugarri Shoes oblige to walk straighter and head up. This positively influences body stature.
    • A higher level of self-esteem and self-confidence are just two psychological benefits of being taller which subsequently positively affect health.

One small important note: we don't say short people are poor, ugly and sick! We just argue that statistically you've got higher chances to earn more, to be more attractive and to increase self-confidence being taller. So, wearing Bugarri Shoes will increase your chances of being more successful in life.