Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are Bugarri Shoes comfortable?

    Bugarri Shoes are made from the finest materials and finished to the highest industry standards. The inner sole is light and soft so your feet will get all the comfort needed when walking. Take into account that in the very beginning you might need to get accustomed to the elevated position of your foot. It won’t take long however before the wonderful feeling of being taller outweighs any initial discomfort you might experience. It suffices to take a walk around the block to get used to Bugarri Shoes, as many of our loyal customers argue (read our reviews and testimonials, which will also confirm that customers think our shoes are comfortable). Our extra height shoes require more experience and practice so when it comes to comfort, they tend to score less. If you are first-time buyer, we recommend buying a model that increases your height modestly (like 6cm). You will get accustomed much faster and you should not experience any discomfort.

  • Are Bugarri Shoes good for my health?

    Believe it or not, but our shoes have a good influence on your body stature, more particularly on the upper part of the spine. The inner sole obliges you to walk straighter as the center of gravity moves backwards (you are off balance when you bent with Bugarri Shoes). Of course, walking straighter positively affects your body stature. The fact that you need to walk straighter with Bugarri Shoes will give you even more height!

  • Are Bugarri Shoes suitable for daily use?

    Yes, they are! You can easily wear Bugarri Shoes whole day long at home, at work, at a party, at a wedding, at a meeting, etc. Please note however that long and intense use of Bugarri Shoes might fatigue your feet faster compared to wearing traditional shoes. You should also avoid wearing our shoes in situations that require a lot of physical effort (like running a marathon, going for a tour in the mountains, paying an intense visit to a fair, etc.). In these situations we recommend to buy shoes for their intended use.

  • Are your shoes a good solution for people with different leg lengths?

    Our shoes are designed specifically for people who want to be taller. We don’t customize shoes in view of people with different legs lengths, nor can we change the height increase of a particular model on request. All shoes are tailor made to offer a certain height increase. But… it is possible to remove the inner sole in one shoe to gain a height difference of approximately 3-4 centimeters compared to the other shoe. Note that the inner sole is fixed so you might need to use force to have it removed. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that walking comfort will be optimal. We don’t take responsibility in case removal of the inner sole causes inconvenience. And once you remove the inner sole, please bear in mind that the shoes might not be in an appropriate condition to return them in the event you are not satisfied. That said, our shoes might still be a good solution for people with different leg lengths.

  • Can the height increase be less than indicated?
    • The height increase figures that we show on our website equal the maximum height that can be gained wearing a particular model. So, when we say that a model increases 8 cm for instance, it means that you can grow as much as 8 cm compared to being barefoot. Most customers acknowledge the height increase figures, confirmed in numerous reviews and testimonials. However, several factors can cause the height increase to be less than indicated:
    • Production biases: every item produced is subject to slight biases so is/are the inner sole and/or the outer sole.
    • Sizing: larger sizes (like EU size 43, 44, 45) offer more chance for the height increase to be optimal compared to smaller sizes (like EU size 37, 38, 39).
    • Foot positioning: the inner sole is increasing and thus maximal in the rear of the shoes. Consequently, most height is achieved when the foot is well positioned in the rear of the shoes. If the shoes run too large, the foot might slide downwards and height increase will be less.
    • Body weight: body weight negatively affects height increase as the inner sole tends to shrink slightly with more body weight.
    • Concluding, the height increase figure stands for the maximum added height that can be reached. There is no guarantee it will fully manifest on your person as several factors affecting height increase might apply. As a consequence, Bugarri Shoes does not take any responsibility nor is there any legal ground other than returning shoes according to our return policy in case the height increase is experienced less than indicated.
  • Do I need to lengthen my trousers?

    It depends. If the height increase is regular and your trousers have average length there would be no need to lengthen your trousers. On the other hand, if the height increase is significant (like +10 cm or more) and your trousers have less than average length, you will definitely need to consider buying a new pair of trousers. As a general remark, the legs of your trousers should have sufficient margin so that they nicely fall over the top end of the shoes. We recommend that you wear slightly longer trousers with larger legs otherwise they risk to unfashionably stay clung to the top end of the shoes. The invisible effect is optimized when trousers cover the end part of the shoes (where the shoe lifts up). Therefore, we do not recommend wearing Bugarri Shoes with shorts.

  • Do I need to order a size other than I wear with traditional shoes?

    We recommend ordering the same size than you wear with traditional shoes. Our shoes are produced according to industry standards so there is no need to consider ordering a smaller or larger size. Every shoe box contains free insoles that you can use in case the shoes run too large. 

  • Do your shoes create a security issue when travelling through airport controls?

    You will not experience any security issues at airports. Scanners and X-ray controls do not detect anything wrong with our shoes.

  • Does the height increase figure include the outer sole?

    The height increase figures that show on our website are the sum of the inner sole and the outer sole. So, when we say that a model increases 6 cm for instance, it means that the inner sole and outer sole together make you as much as 6 cm taller compared to being barefoot.

  • How come my shoes make a squeaky sound?

    Height increasing shoes are subject to the presence of air between the inner and outer sole. The insertion of air can happen during the production process. If so, you might notice a squeaky sound when walking from the first steps onwards. When the squeaking is bothering you, please do not hesitate to return the shoes according to our returns policy. The insertion of air between the inner and outer sole can also happen any time as the result of wearing the shoes. It is important to note that this does not concern a production error, but merely an unfortunate situation that can happen with any pair of height increasing shoes. The best advice we can give is to consult a local shoemaker in case the shoes have already been worn. Ask the shoemaker to have the inner sole removed and attached again using strong glue. We suggest that you keep the shoemaker’s store ticket and to email it to Bugarri Shoes within a reasonable time period. As a courtesy to you as a customer, we will be glad to refund your shoemaker’s costs.

Presentation & availability

  • Can I buy the hidden increaser as a separate item?

    Bugarri Shoes is an online shoe shop. The only thing we sell are shoes that make you look taller without anyone noticing the secret. We do not sell our hidden increaser as a separate item, nor do we sell any other kind of accessory related to our product.

  • Do you have a catalogue?

    Regretfully we don't have a catalogue. As a paperless company, we believe that the internet offers a far more economical and environmental friendlier alternative to a printed catalogue. Moreover, the fast changing nature of our business, the different languages in which we operate, and the various new models that flow in on a continuous basis, do not make it worthwhile to print a catalogue. We continuously update and improve our website and consider it as our online catalogue that is up-to-date at any time.

  • Do you have a shoe shop where I can buy your shoes?

    Bugarri Shoes only sells through the internet, except for Belgium.

  • Do you have a summer and winter collection?

    Bugarri Shoes sells worldwide so we don’t think in terms of summer and winter collection. We try to present as many different styles as possible, some of them looking more summer others looking more winter. But when it comes to material composition, all our shoes are quite similar. We ensure that our shoes can be worn all year round. If you’re looking for extremely warm and isolated shoes for winter-use or extremely light and transpiring shoes for summer-use, then Bugarri Shoes is not the right place to buy.

  • Do you have other items than the ones presented online?

    Regretfully we don't have other models nor sizes nor colours available than those displayed on our website. The entire collection is presented online in accordance with all available sizes and colours. In other words, everything you see on our website is currently in stock and can be sold right away.

  • Is it possible to change the height increase level of a particular model?

    Regretfully it's not possible to change the height increase level of a particular model. Every model is designed in such a way to give space to a certain height increase.

  • My shoe size doesn't show for the model I'm interested in. Is it still available?

    All available sizes show in the drop down menu. If your size does not show there, it is not available. 


  • Are my ordered shoes reserved prior to receiving my bank payment?

    Your ordered shoes are put aside and reserved for 5 business days. So, we strongly advise you to make the bank transfer payment as soon as possible. If you pay within 24 hours after order placement there should be no problem for the payment to arrive on our bank account within 5 business days. Early payment will ensure that your shoes do not become available to other clients and avoid potential out of stock issues.

  • Can I cancel my bank transfer order?

    Bank transfer orders are cancelled automatically after 30 days of non-payment. There is no need to inform us if you want to change method of payment or if you renounce from ordering with Bugarri Shoes.

  • Can I change method of payment after order placement?

    Unfortunately there is no possibility to change method of payment after order placement. You are required to place a new order if you want to pay differently. So, if your original method of payment equals bank transfer and you prefer to pay by credit card as a second thought, please place a new order on our website and pay by credit card.

  • Can I order by telephone?

    No, you must place your order on this website. We don't accept telephone orders, fax orders, or letters requesting to buy Bugarri Shoes.

  • Can I scan and email my bank's payment confirmation to get faster shipping?

    It does not make sense to inform Bugarri Shoes about your bank payment nor to email your bank's payment confirmation. We will not ship your order prior to receipt of your payment on our bank account.

  • Do I need to mention my client number and order number on my bank payment?

    You are required to put your client number and - even more important - your order number on your bank payment. If these numbers do not show, your payment might be difficult to identify or - even worse - might not be identified at all. So, in order to prevent possible shipping delays or order cancellations, please do not forget to clearly state your client and order number when making a bank transfer payment.

  • Do I need to pay any eventual banking costs?

    You need to make sure that Bugarri Shoes receives the full amount of your order. Carefully verify that any eventual banking costs are NOT transmitted to Bugarri Shoes. Please note that your order will NOT be shipped before the full order amount is present on our bank account.

  • What are your bank details?

    Our bank details read as follows:
    IBAN: BE85 0689 3361 3206
    Company: Elevator Shoes BVBA

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Bank transfer.


  • Am I insured against loss, theft and damage?

    Yes, you are. If we receive a notification from the carrier that your package was lost, stolen or damaged, we will send another package free of any charge and solve the problem internally with the carrier. Insurance stops at the time the package is handed over to you.

  • Can I pay cash on delivery?

    We do not offer COD shipping. Every order needs to be fully paid before it leaves our warehouse.

  • Do I need to pay import charges?

    If your delivery address is outside the European Union, you might be subject to payment of import charges. These are taxes imposed by your local authorities and completely out of our control. So, we cannot take any responsibility in case you receive an invoice from the carrier asking you to pay import charges. If you live within the European Union you will never be subject to payment of import charges.

  • Does the carrier deliver to neighbours?

    The carrier has the right to deliver to a third party (like neighbours, receptions, lobbies, caretakers, janitors, etc.) in case your given delivery name is not present to sign for receipt at the given delivery address. Third party delivery is a contractual stipulation in general conditions. We understand that our product asks for discretion and as much as we would want to avoid third party delivery to protect our customers, the issue is completely out of our control. The only thing we can recommend is to track your order very closely and to make sure that the given delivery name is present to sign for receipt at scheduled delivery time.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide, so wherever your location is, we deliver your shoes to any delivery address you put in the order forms.

  • Which factors can possibly delay my shipment?

    The most important factors that can delay a shipment are: bad weather conditions (like snow, flooding and thunderstorm), customs issues (for non-EU shipments), public strikes, remote delivery locations, incorrect or incomplete address information. If any of the first four factors apply, please excuse the inconvenience. These factors are totally out of our control and require patience. If the fifth factor applies, please go to the next question.


  • Do you have a telephone number?

    Unfortunately we do not offer a telephone service. We believe that every question, problem or inquiry can be handled via email. We offer a fully integrated email system which outweighs a telephone service. Every relevant contact form is answered within 24 business hours. We put highest priority to customer communication and make sure that your inquiries are greatly taken care of.

  • Do you reply to automatically generated emails?

    We do not reply to automatically generated emails like order confirmations or newsletters. The only way to contact Bugarri Shoes is by filling out the contact form.

  • Why don't you show a physical address?

    There are 4 important reasons why we don't show address details:


    1. We want to avoid customers mailing letters for buying purposes. Every order needs to be placed via our website.
    2. We want to avoid customers mailing checks or money to settle orders. Every order needs to be paid by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer via our website.
    3. We want to avoid customers visiting our company for buying purposes. Our warehouse is located in a different place so it doesn't make sense to come and visit Bugarri Shoes to buy shoes.
    4. We want to avoid customers returning orders to our offices. As just said, our warehouse is located in different place so we want to make sure that returns arrive at the right location.

    If you need our address details for a specific reason, kindly fill out our contact form and we will provide our address details if deemed necessary.